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Drivers Safety Course

You may be eligible to take a Driving Safety Course or a Motorcycle Safety Course for dismissal
of your citation.

You can only take a driving safety course for ONE violation per 12 month period anywhere in
the State of Texas.

**DO NOT take the course before Court approval – late or incomplete requests will be rejected.**

You are eligible to take a Driving Safety Course or a Motorcycle Safety Course IF:

  1. You have a valid Texas Driver’s License;
  2. You have NOT completed a Driving Safety Course for ticket dismissal in the previous 12
    months (calculated from the date of previous completion to the date of your current
  3. You have current proof of liability insurance showing you as a covered driver;
  4. The violation you are charged with was not in a construction zone with workers present;
  5. Your citation was for a MOVING violation;
  6. If your citation was for SPEEDING, the alleged speed was LESS than 25 mph over the
    posted speed limit;
  7. You DO NOT have a commercial driver’s license or permit.

If you are eligible, you may sign up for a Driving Safety Course by appearing at the Court (don’t
forget to bring a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance) or by sending the following items
to the Court on or before your first court appearance date.

  • Pay the required fee: $109.10 for non‐school zone violations; $134.10 for school zone violations; if you are not sure your violation occurred in a school zone or work zone, please contact the court to ask.
  • A copy of your valid driver’s license (copy must be legible!)
  • A copy of your valid proof of insurance (must show you as a covered driver)
  • The completed Driving Safety Course Request Form, which HAS to be witnessed by a Notary Public of the State of Texas.


Town of Ponder, Texas