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Deferred Disposition

You may be eligible to request Deferred Disposition (probation) if:

  1. You did not possess a Commercial driver’s license at the time of the offense.
  2. If you are not currently on probation in another court and you have not been on probation in the last year.
  3. You have not been charged with an offense committed in a construction work zone when workers are present.
  4. Your violation did not involve an accident

You are NOT eligible for Deferred Disposition if you were SPEEDING 25 miles an hour over the limit or if you were traveling in excess of 80 miles per hour.   

This procedure requires a plea of “guilty” or “no contest” to the offense with which you are charged and the payment of court costs.

You will be placed on probation for a period not to exceed 180 days, during which time you will be required to comply with certain specified conditions of probation.

If you are younger than 25 years of age and charged with a traffic offense classified as a moving violation, you must complete a driving safety course approved by the Texas Education Agency, and if you hold a provisional license, you must also take or re‐take the examination required by Department of Public Safety for all driver’s license applicants to demonstrate your ability to exercise ordinary and reasonable control in the operation of a motor vehicle. You are required to pay a $10.00 fee to the Department of Public Safety for this examination. You may also be required to complete an additional four hour live, interactive driving safety course focusing on issues specific to drivers younger than 25 years of age.

If you timely present satisfactory evidence that you have complied with the requirements of probation, the Municipal Judge will dismiss the case and there is no final conviction.  You may be required to pay a special expense and be prepared to pay that expense at the time of the request.

If you do not comply with the terms of the probation, the Municipal Judge will impose the fine assessed and a final conviction.

If you are eligible, you may request Deferred Disposition by appearing at the Court on or before your court appearance date or by mailing in the following items to the Court:

  • Pay required fee (If you are not sure what the fee is, please contact the court to ask)
  • A copy of your valid Texas driver’s license (copy must be legible!)
  • A copy of your valid proof of insurance (must show you as a covered driver)
  • The completed Deferred Disposition Request Form, which MUST be witnessed by a Notary


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