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Library History

The making of the Ponder Library began to take place in 1996. The City of Ponder purchased the vacated Baptist Church. Wayne Futch, then Mayor, was asked if part of the building could be used for a library. Betty Foster made the request. The Mayor said, “Go for it.” Pat Webster, then City Secretary, sent requests for money;¬†furniture, books and patron help to all patrons receiving Ponder water. The response was immediate and overwhelming. Patricia Quinones came with her desk, chair, typewriter as well as computer knowledge- Jody Nightwonger came with library skills and computer knowledge. Money was donated for a computer, shelves were made and books literally poured in. Betty Foster contacted the county librarians for information on how to begin a library. They responded with valuable information. By 1996, the Betty Foster Public Library, so named by the Mayor and City Council was large enough to be accepted by the State Library Association as a real library.

In 1998, the library applied for a Tocker Grant for shelving. It was granted in 1999 and the library was enlarged to take in the entire east side of the building.

In the school year of 2000, the library received an internet computer through a grant with Ponder Independent School District. Also in 2001, the library received a TIFF Grant for more computers and possible automation.

Town of Ponder, Texas